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Some visitors have reported difficulty playing the digital movie clips which are available on this web site. This most frequently occurs because the QuickTime™ multimedia player is not installed on your computer or because the QuickTime™ Plug-in was not placed in the browser's "Plug-ins" folder during installation.

If you do not have QuickTime™ installed on your computer, it will be necessary to download, then install it to experience the digital movies that comprise the Nature Library.

If QuickTime™ is installed on your computer but the movies are still not loading normally, please check to be sure that the QuickTime™ plug-in is correctly installed, as follows:

1. Locate the Netscape or Internet Explorer "Plug-ins" folder on your computer's hard drive. (The "Plug-ins" folder is located within the browser's application folder.)

2. Open the folder and check that the QuickTime™ plug-in "npqtplugin.dll" file is in the folder.

3. If you do not see this file, make sure that the hidden files are visible. To do this, select "Options" From the "View" menu of the Plug-ins folder. Click on the "View" tab and check that the "Show all files" radio button is selected. Click "OK" and the file will become visible if it is installed.

If the file is not visible (with the "Show all files" option enabled), it will be necessary to reinstall QuickTime™.

If the file is visible in the Plug-ins folder, but the QuickTime™ player is not working, there could be a conflict with another multimedia utility installed on your computer. (See next section).


Browsers that support QuickTime™ are designed to recognize the plug-in and use it to play back the supported media types. Some multimedia plug-ins, however, can interfere with the normal auto-configuration of the plug-in and prevent it from being used.

If you have plug-ins other than the "QuickTime™ Plug-in" and the "Default Plug-in" installed in your browser's Plug-in folder and QuickTime is not working, then move these plug-ins to a temporary location and re-launch your browser. Conflicts resulting from plug-ins competing for control of the MIME types may be resolved by removing them.

If QuickTime™ is installed on your computer and the QuickTime™ plug-in "npqtplugin.dll" file is in the plug-in folder, but the movie is not loading or playing, there could be a conflict with another multimedia player installed on your computer. This is particularly true if a multimedia player was installed on your system after the QuickTime™ installation was performed. In this case, it is recommended that you reinstall QuickTime™.

Additional support resources

Apple Computer has developed a QuickTime™ support area that includes an "Installation Check" web page which can be used to check your QuickTime installation. These resources are available at the following URLs:

QuickTime Installation Check:

QuickTime Support:

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