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SONY DCR TRV-900 : 3 CCD Digital Video Cassette Camcorder



  • DV Digital video recording for up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution in the NTSC format.
  • Three 1/4" CCD's, 380k Pixels each: This system incorporates three1/4" CCD's with 380k pixels each and Dichroic Prism separates the image into Red, Green, and Blue signals, each captured by its own CCD imaging chip for excellent color fidelity and better signal-to-noise ratio
  • 12X Optical/48X digital zoom: brings the action up close from far away
  • Optical Super SteadyShot∆ picture stabilization system: Image stabilization system that uses motion sensors that compensate for camera "shake" without compromising picture quality. Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization will also eliminate high-frequency vibration for smooth video.
  • 5 Mode Program auto exposure: This provides a quick and easy setting for the proper exposure, shutter, and depth of field setting for a variety of environments. There are five modes to choose from: Aperture priority, Shutter Speed priority, Sports Lesson, Sunset & Moon, Low Lux
  • Memory Mode (digital still camera function: Memory mode allows you to capture still images and save them to a floppy disc (with supplied adapter), or an optional Memory Stick.
  • Progressive Scan Mode provides high quality still images by reading all of the Pixels on an imager (CCD) with a single pass. This one time pass over the imager delivers clean edges and an overall sharper picture for still images.
  • Type II PC card slot for compatible still image storage
  • Supplied floppy disk adapter for still image storage
  • 12-bit/16-bit PCM digital stereo with audio dub: Capable of recording 12 Bit or 16 Bit digital stereo audio. Audio dub allows you to add an additional 12 Bit stereo track to your original recording (with optional RK-G128)
  • 3.5" SwivelScreenTM precision color LCD (184k pixels): Active Matrix LCD provides brilliant images and you can swivel the screen angle, even adjust it to the popular 'mirror' mode.
  • Precision color viewfinder (180k pixels): provides excellent viewing clarity, with improved resolution.
  • LaserLink∆ wireless transmission system
  • Up to 8 hours Stamina∆ recording time with optional NP-F960 Battery
  • InfoLithium∆ Battery with AccuPowerTM meter: Sony's exclusive InfoLithium battery system is a no-memory battery, and with AccuPower you will see the time remaining in minutes in the viewfinder or LCD
  • i.LINK∆ DV Interface (IEEE 1394): Custom titles (22 Characters). Edits between two digital camcorders, or a camcorder and a deck with virtually no generation loss. The i.LINK interface allows for direct digital communication between your DV Handycam camcorder and your PC with optional DV Capture card(s).
  • Control L (LANC) editing interface: connects Sony VCR's editing controllers for accurate editing
  • Drop-Frame Time Code: for frame accurate editing
  • A/D conversion and pass-through
  • 5-Mode A/V digital fader: Select from 5 different fader modes to transition from scene to scene.
  • 14 Picture Effects (6 digital)
  • 16:9 Widescreen recording


  • Video Recording/Playback System Mini DV
  • Audio Recording/Playback System12/16-bit PCM
  • CCD Imaging Device (gross pixels) 3 x 380,000
  • Filter Diameter 52mm
  • Memory Mode (Digital Still Camera Function) Yes (640 x 480)
  • Progressive Shutter Mode Prog. Scan
  • Zoom Lens/Digital Zoom 12X/48X
  • Super SteadyShot System Yes (Optical)
  • Lux Rating 4 Lux
  • Shutter Speeds 1/15-1/10,000 AE
  • Power Management
  • Stamina Battery Life 8 Hours
  • AccuPower Battery Meter Yes
  • SwivelScreen LCD Monitor (diag.) 3.5" Precision
  • Viewfinder Precision Color
  • LaserLink IR Transmission System Yes
  • i.LINK DV Interface (IEEE1394) Yes
  • Control-L (LANC) Edit Interface Yes
  • Analog Audio/Video Inputs Yes
  • Drop Frame Time Code Yes
  • Built-In Speaker Yes
  • Edit Search Yes
  • World Time Clock Yes
  • Intelligent Accessory Shoe Yes
  • Remote Control Yes
  • Picture Effects 6 Modes
  • Digital Picture Effects 5 Modes
  • Audio/Video Digital Fader 5 Modes
  • 16:9 Recording Yes
  • Digital Photo Mode Yes
  • Memory Mode 640 x 480
  • Program Auto Exposure 5 Modes
  • Manual Focus Yes (ring)
  • Manual Exposure Yes


  • AC AC-L10 Adaptor, NP-F330
  • Remote (RMT811)
  • Stereo A/V
  • Lens Cap
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Lithium(clock-installed)
  • Floppy Disk Adapter
  • Lens Hood
  • AA Battery x 2

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