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WHY Nature Library?

Nature Library was born out of a spark of frustration that turned into a fierce blaze of passion...a passion consisting of three equal parts: love of travel, love of technology and love of the outdoors.

The realization that affordable stock footage was not available to the general public led to the creation of Nature Library in 2002. Currently we are focusing on scenic nature video clips, all of which are previewable in quicktime format right here on the web.

Our goal is to be the small affordable cornerstone of the stock footage industry where the student, the mother, the hobbiest, the multimedia creative or the budding entrepreneur can come to find affordable Nature Stock Footage.

WHO's Responsible?

George Oliver is responsible for bringing Nature Library to fruition. He stems from a background in design and has worked mainly in the Film Industry as a computer visual effects artist since the latter half of the 90's. His attention to detail has been applied to every aspect of Nature Library in the hopes that it will become a useful resource to others.

It was upon his arrival to New Zealand that really ignited the desire to bring this stock footage project into reality. With a little determination, the above mentioned passion and a wonderfully beautiful country as a backyard to play in, Nature Library was born.

Aside from being responsible for Nature Library, he also climbs coconut palms when the opportunity arises.

WHERE is Nature Library?

Always on the go, the current home of Nature Library is Wellington New Zealand.

Nature Library
46 Alexandra Rd
New Zealand 6003

Total Clips in Database: 666

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