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Nature Library is just that....a collection of digital nature video clips assembled in one place. Our footage is easily categorized, Apple QuickTime™ viewable and ready for you to purchase via this website. Follow the 'Video Clips' link to the left.

Whether it's scenic footage of landscapes, timelapse movie clips, or just a natural location you don't have the ability to film yourself such as Antarctica; Nature Library just might be able to help.

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Nature Library also offers you all of our footage completely royalty free.

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Come on inside and have a look around. The video clip you see playing above represents a sample of the stock footage Nature Library has available

Our collection of footage grows with time so if you do not see what you are looking for, please do check back from time to time or let us know what you seek.

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Nature Library offers a FREE nature video clip every couple of weeks. These stock footage video clips are available for immediate download.

New Additions:
Added Galapagos stock footage from partner videographer Carlo Ferraro.

Added Amazon stock footage from videographer Carlo Ferraro.

Added Pinnacles footage where the army of the dead sequence in Peter Jackson's "Return of the King' was shot.

Added Antarctica stock footage with video clips of Orca Whales, Emperor Penguins and icebergs. Have a look.

Stabilizing video clips & why it's a good thing. Learn more..

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